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Travel tips: How to nurture your skin while traveling

Posted on March 24 2016

The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth

The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth

One of the difficult things about traveling often is the havoc it usually causes for your skin. As someone who is very low maintenance about her skin care routine, the last thing I want is to carry around a million products while traveling. I’ve been a fan of The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Concentrate for quite some time. I first used it a few years ago and was very impressed by the smoothening and refreshing results. I re-discovered the brand again while recently traveling in Dubai.

Although Dubai was in its winter season, I noticed that my water intake more than doubled. If I was that thirsty, I can only imagine how thirsty my skin was. I’ll note that the desert air wasn’t terrible on my skin. The important thing for me was to find balance. I needed to keep hydrated and moisturized without feeling oily and greasy. Enter the three step daily youth enhancing skin care routine from The Body shop.

What’s in it?

The lotion, concentrate and cream are infused with plant stem cells. Specifically, Criste Marine (a Skin-Renewing Champion from the rocky coastline of North Brittany, France), Sea Holly (a Restructuring Powerhouse from the sandy shores of South Brittany, France) and Edelweiss (An Ultra-Potent Protector from the High Alpine Mountains of Trentino-Alto, Italy).

Does it actually work?

The goal is to make your pores look tightened, smooth out any lines and make your skin feel bouncy. In my opinion, the products deliver on all three. I noticed that my face felt rejuvenated, soft and tight (not in a dry way) after nightly use. After morning use, make up glided on easily and looked fresh through out the day. The routine also became a favorite part of my day. I actually looked forward to applying the products and seeing how my skin felt after.

All in all, I wanted balance and I got balance. Drops of Youth has also been a fantastic corrective treatment for my skin as we transition from winter into spring. Usually, my skin fluctuates between being dry and a little oily as the weather settles. There seems to be a restorative element to the products which I’m happily embracing.

What will it cost you?


YOUTH CONCENTRATE $37-52 (1.0 OZ-1.7 OZ)

YOUTH CREAM $34 (1.7 OZ)

You can try out Drops of Youth here. There’s also a  Bouncy Sleeping Mask that I have not had the chance to try out yet. A review will be posted once I’ve had a chance to try it. That product retails for $32 (3.1 OZ)


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